You're special, and so are these

Inspiration-packed booklets

Every now and then we are commissioned to create below the line inspiration-packed magazines, such as for Dutch supermarket chain Dekamarkt and ice-cream brand Wall’s (a.k.a. Good Humor/Frigo/OLA).

Book specials

Upon request we make book specials for the retail sector, such as this Woolly booklet for a pharmacy chain, or practice exercise books for a famous Dutch retailer (HEMA).

Gift books

Have you ever received a Christmas parcel with such a beautiful stocking-filler? We write them especially for your target audience!

Sound books

Without wishing to blow our own trumpet, we excel at translating Play-a-Sound books!

Puzzle books

Creating puzzles can be puzzling! We make tailor-made puzzle books and sudoku books.

Board games

We are not a toy manufacturer, but translating a board game is child’s play for us!

Activity books

Do you like this animal book we wrote for Dolfinarium? We have a whale of a time making activity books like this!

Novelty books

We can’t get enough of bath books, cloth books, hand puppet books and other novelty books!

Audio books

HRP Publishing Services developed a fantastic audio book series with a CD in the packaging.

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