Dutch Editing Excellence

Welcome to HRP Publishing Services, a virtual warehouse that since its establishment in 2007 has been brimming with ideas, plans and projects.

Our editors can really make a change

We have extensive experience editing children’s books, magazines and specials—both on paper and online. When a project requires a little bit more than our own expertise, we hire in skilled freelancers to lend us a hand.

In recent years, we have translated over 400 popular children’s titles into Dutch, and at least as many magazines. Our speciality is translating, localizing and editing TV-related publications. If you wish, we can also do the formatting.

Additionally, as a packager we take commissions to develop completely new series or specials for the Netherlands, and we write and/or edit children’s specials, activity books, magazines, apps and websites.

At the start of 2013 we launched the first-ever online platform for Dutch children’s books. With a subscription, children can read unlimited children’s books online, on a tablet. HRP has been closely involved in the creation of this platform.

We are HRP, nice to meet you!

  • team HRP: Rikky HRP_publishing

    Rikky Project manager

    Rikky Schrever, packager of children’s books and magazines, founded HRP Publishing Services in early 2007. Rikky’s specialism is online and offline content for children. A magical moment in her career was a fleeting yet inspiring meeting with Richard Branson.

  • team HRP: Rob HRP_publishing

    Rob Designer

    Where would we be without our heroic designer? Rob is unsurpassed in his ability to transform an idea or sketch into a full-fledged book, amazing magazine or cool colour special. He can read and write with Illustrator and InDesign and is amazingly quick to boot!

  • Team HRP: Marcella HRP_publishing

    Marcella Editor

    Marcella dots the i’s and crosses the t’s – literally! She is a friendly (strict!) editor with a trained eye for text corrections. She can also effortlessly give stories a touch of magic. But what we admire most about her is that she’s normally finished her work before the rest of us have even started!

  • team HRP: Lars HRP_publishing

    Lars Website builder

    Our website builder and system manager Lars ensures that everything in and around our warehouse works. By ‘everything’, we mean everything with a plug, USB port or two wheels! With his stories and strong coffee – he’s an amateur barista – Lars can keep us up until the small hours.

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